Below are a few of the questions we get asked when talking with agents. If you have a question that is not listed below, contact us and we will get you an answer.

Is there a monthly fee and what does it include?

Yes. We currently have two different plans with monthly fees ranging from $150 – $300/month. All plans include the following:

  • NEREN Dues
  • E&O Insurance
  • ShowingTime
  • Ready to print marketing materials
  • Copy and paste Facebook Ads for lead generation
Is there a transaction fee?

Depending on which plan you are on, there is either a fixed transaction fee or a percentage.

Will I have broker support?

Absolutely. We are a small firm that is focused on agent success. By limiting the number of agents, we are able to provide more support, coaching and training to help those agents achieve there goals. Ask any of our current agents about broker accessibility and see what they say.

Do you provide leads? Is there a company split on leads?

Yes. We do provide leads for agents who would like them. The majority of our leads come from our flagship website at www.NHFineHomes.com. Agents who are interested in working these leads are expected to adhere to our lead follow up process to ensure all leads are being worked and tracked aggressively. A company split does apply for any company provided leads and is calculated just like you would pay a referral fee to another agent who gave you a lead.

We currently have an excess of leads so while there is plenty of lead volume to build one’s business one, we really want to teach agents how to generate their own leads as well and help them develop a long term, sustainable plan for creating repeat and referral business.

What do you offer for training?

We are still developing our formalized training resources. Our long term goal is to build a library of training materials that will include a mix of print, video, live and recorded trainings on the topics that agents need to learn to succeed. For now, we are leveraging third party resources and providing individualized resources for agents.

What are the EHG advantages for new agents?

New agents have the opportunity to start working company provided leads from the moment they are licensed. It can take 6 months or more to close a sale from your own personal network and having access to company leads gives you the opportunity to get started faster, build your confidence and make some money while you build your network. In addition to company leads, we are developing a one-on-one mentoring program where brand new agents are paired with an experienced agent who will help them learn by working with them side by side with actual deals.

What are the benefits for experience agents?

Experienced agents who know what they doing and can work independently have an opportunity to drastically reduce their cost of sales by joining EHG. With our low overhead and 100% commission option, an experience agent can start keeping more of their commission from day one. In addition to keeping more of your money, we provide advanced marketing, lead generation and growth strategies that an agent can plug in to to continue with their growth.

Do you allow teams?

No, not in the traditional sense. Teams are a hot concept in the real estate industry and at first glance, they sound like a good idea. However, most teams do not operate in real life the way they are supposed to and they create a significant risk and liability to the broker. Most teams act and operate more like a brokerage firm and can cause confusion among consumers. There is also the labor law liability where team members act like employees but are paid as independent contractors. Plus, at the end of the team, most teams are not agent friendly. By the time the brokerage firm and team owner take their cut, the agent’s percentage of the commission can be as low as 25%. EHG was born out the idea that a brokerage could exist where the agent could keep the bulk of the commission AND have access to all the perceived benefits of a team like leads, marketing, coaching and support but decide what they wanted and needed on their terms.

Our company culture is also agent supportive and we are incorporating ‘leverage’ into our model so you have all the benefits of a team, if you want them, but with far less risk and cost. Great real estate agents often struggle to be managers and business people. They don’t like building systems and training manuals. We provide our agents with access to all the building blocks and leverage they need to scale thus saving them tremendous time, money and headaches along the way.

Are there any extra or hidden fees?

No. The monthly fee and the transaction fees/splits are the only required costs. All other expenses are optional and decided and paid for by the agent. We do provide cost-sharing resources and discounts on marketing and printing but agents are free to use other vendors as long as the marketing is broker approved and in compliance with regulations.

Do you have a physical office?

Not at this time and here is why. So much of real estate is done outside of the office and with most buyers and sellers using the Internet, walk in traffic is all but gone. Plus, it is not fair for agents who seldom come in to the office to be paying for in their splits. Another issue is where do you put the office? Our agents live throughout the State of New Hampshire and the moment you get an office, you are going to put some agents at a disadvantage. By staying virtual, we keep the culture and agency experience the same for everyone which seems more fair and of course, puts more money in the agent’s pocket!

What kind of marketing materials do you provide?

We have an online ‘catalog’ of EHG marketing that we continually add to. You can order business cards, letterhead, sell sheets, flyers, postcards all online with ready-to-go designs at discounted pricing. If you want or need something custom, we have graphic designer resources that we can leverage to help you get this done. It’s like having your own creative team on call!

What is your company culture like?

We are a start up real estate brokerage working to create a place for professional real estate agents to work. We strive to be a group of like-mined individuals who pride ourselves in doing the right thing and maintaining a high level of ethical standards. We are not a ‘coffee pot/water cooler’ brokerage firm with room for politics and gossip. Our goal is to provide agents with the tools and skills to excel within a lean and entrepreneurial environment where they can thrive. If you are independent, driven and goal oriented, you’ll love what we have to offer.

How often can I change plans?

You can upgrade your plan at anytime but you cannot downgrade.

How do I move my license to EHG?

The process is quite simple. Once your application and interviews have been completed with EHG, you’ll notify your current broker (this is the hardest part!) that you are changing companies. They will return your license to the State and you will complete a Transfer Form and get that to us to sign and send to the State. It takes about a week to get your license and then we can notify the MLS and local Board and get you started.

Can I work part time?

Not on a long term basis, no. It is our view that real estate, like any other profession, requires a full-time commitment. There is a lot to learn and keep up with and we want to make sure our agents are fully committed to their success in their real estate career. If you are new and just getting in to real estate with the plan to be full time, we’ll work with you to help you build your real estate career so you can go full time as quickly as possible.

Where do I meet customers and clients?

Busy agents are on the road a lot and we find plenty of spots of meet with customers. With buyers, we’ll often meet at the property we are seeing and can use coffee shops and book stores to meet. With sellers, we’re meeting that at their home typically. Documents are now all online so meeting to ‘sign papers’ has for the most part, moved online.